Favalli: "3 Points Would Be The Best Cure And A Chance To Prove That Midtjylland's Loss Was Just A Fluke. For A Team Looking To Break Into The Top 4 Of The Tournament, A Performance Like Thursday Is Unacceptable."

The words of the former Lazio defender, who won 7 trophies in 401 appearances, who was also a product of Cremonese youth.

"I have Lazio in my blood, I'm a fan". Thus began an interview with Giuseppe Favalli - a double ex for the match against Cremonese - for the Il Messaggero column. Seven trophies with the biancoceleste team won in 401 appearances: one that knows the environment very well.

The collapse in Denmark?  Favalli was honest: "No, I didn't expect it. It's not good that some blackouts happen so frequently, but I'm sure Sarri is looking for a solution."

The former defender then delivered Sarri's verdict on 'parasite' in the dressing room. "I don't know because I'm not being there. Games like Thursday are inherently bad and end worse. We usually risk giving a bad impression in this situation, like against Midtjylland. The game is the same, but I think it's more of a team limitation."

In any case, performances like that of Lazio in Denmark are something all players will encounter, including Favalli.

"Of course. I remember as always we tried to get things right, but at some point, there was no way, it was inexplicable. But, if I had to tell you a game, I remember the 2nd leg of UEFA's 1995 cup match with Dortmund, The quarter-finals, I wasn't there, but I remember after winning the first leg we could have gone through the knockout round without a problem, but everything went wrong."

Meanwhile, the former Biancoceleste defender will see two key teams in his career face off today. 

"It reminds me of my beginnings in Cremonese in B and A. How can we forget moving to Lazio in 1992? On the one hand, I am happy and on the other, I am sorry because I am leaving where I grew up ."

On the current Lazio?  "Last season they had some problems and the coach, in my opinion, corrected that. I hope the last game was just an episode, five goals are a lot."

Favalli then took notes of today's game and Valeri:

"Cremonese wants to play well at home and for Lazio, the three points would be the best cure and a chance to prove that Midtjylland's loss was just a fluke. Both sides need a win, so I expect very offensive attitudes."

Valeri?  "I have to say, it's a very good prospect because Lazio has their sights set on him. Then he plays in Cremonese and even better that he also supports the Biancoceleste."

Finally got a clear idea of ​​Biancoceleste's ambitions. "For a team looking to break into the top four of the tournament, a performance like Thursday is unacceptable."

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