[Official] Tommaso Rocchi Officially Becomes UEFA Pro Coach

September 07, 2022

Tommaso Rocchi is officially UEFA Pro coach: here are the photos confirming the former striker's result

Tommaso Rocchi is now a UEFA Pro coach. This new coaching path, which opened in Coverciano last year, is training at the highest level, allowing coaches to coach any team.

The former striker is currently out of the team: he coached Lazio U18s last year and the club offered him a scouting position, but he prefers to stay on the bench and is now looking for new opportunities.

Meanwhile, he celebrated his milestone on Instagram, presenting his paper 'The Attack Trapeze' and captioning it: "Exams and theses... Master Uefa Pro". 

The comments included praise from former teammate Francelino Matuzalem for achieving the goal. Rocchi was able to count on the help of important figures like Renzo Ulivieri: the president of the AIAC (Italian Association of Football Coaches) as the spokesperson.

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