Giordano: "Differences Sarri-Tare? If I Were The President I Would Like To Have A Good Chat With All Three Trying To Find A Common Point. For The Good Of Lazio, Both Statements Are Inappropriate."

A recent victory against Sassuolo allowed Lazio to accumulate three significant points that will help them continue their pursuit of a spot in Europe. The Champions League is Biancoceleste's primary objective, but the different perspective on the issue has highlighted differences between Sarri and Tare.  

Bruno Giordano spoke to Radiosei on the matter:

"Differences Sarri-Tare? It's the party game, everyone contributes to the water in their mill, and the president is rightfully concerned about a conflict. It's astounding, we discussed the lack of a left-back and a forward in the squad, instead of at least agreeing to avoid public disputes, they discussed from a distance."

The former footballer then added: 

"There was no need for Sarri to achieve fifth or sixth place, just as I question why Tare puts pressure on the coach by saying that this team is designed to achieve fourth place. It's not designed for the Champions League unless a route that also involves the loss of a significant player is taken. Lotito has every reason to demand orders from everyone. The fact that Lazio is doing the same as Inzaghi's team doesn’t surprise me— although I still like the team and think they’re doing well. I haven’t noticed a major change that I thought the team would go through. If I were the president I would like to have a good chat with all three trying to find a common point. For the good of Lazio, both statements are inappropriate."

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