[Official] Lazio Acquired Diego Gonzalez From Celaya At The End Of Transfer Market

All the attention was on Luca Pellegrini, but in the meantime, Lazio also announced the arrival in Rome of Diego Luis Gonzalez Alcaraz, a Paraguayan who was born in 2003 and was taken from the Celaya club in the Mexican second division that had accumulated 14 appearances and 4 goals.

He just turned 20 years old at the beginning of January, two days before Lazio's 123 birthday.  Gonzalez Alcaraz is an offensive player who primarily inhabits the left-wing position, but uses both feet.  He is just under 1.8 meters tall, and he has a strong physique, and despite his young age, he's already developed his structural prowess without losing his speed.  

Technically, he's a refined player, he has a good imagination in his plays, but he needs to get familiar with tactics. However, what impressed Lazio the most was the boy's personality, a resemblance to the Romero-like traits, which was the sole component that convinced the club of the decision.

The Paraguayan is an addition to Sanderra's squad, but he'll switch between the first team and the Primavera, he will gain experience by participating in youth games, but he will also be available to Sarri, who will be able to observe him in Formello and then decide if he should be integrated into the first team gradually.

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