Zauri: "Marcos Antonio And Basic Are Intriguing Candidates That Could Have Been Of Use To Lazio, But There Is Probably No Time To Wait For Them. And I Understand That Sarri Was Unable To Attempt An Experiment."

Luciano Zauri, interviewed by New Sound level, spoke of Marcos Antonio and analyzed in detail his seasonal trend, and the performance in last match.

"Marcos Antonio?  I believe that everyone can participate in Serie A, the important thing is to do it in the right way and have continuity. I also attempted to imagine myself in the shoes of Sarri and understand that he was unable to attempt an experiment."

"Both he and Basic are intriguing candidates that could have been of use to Lazio, as they could have been a few months ago, but there is probably no time to wait for them. Marcos Antonio demonstrated that, despite having worked on the project for several months, he performed well during the defensive phase, executing effective diagonal shots and having a superior recovery."

"He can stay in this Lazio.  We remembered him for the goal he scored against Spezia, but he started from a long journey: a player's sudden ability to play well isn't a result of an instantaneous development, it requires time to prepare and respond appropriately."

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