Sarri: "Playing In This Stadium Is Incredibly Challenging. Our Focus Is Solely On Tomorrow's Match, With No Consideration Given To Inter."

The eagerly anticipated moment is nearly upon us as Lazio and Atletico Madrid are set to clash tomorrow evening at the iconic Wanda Metropolitano stadium. The highly-anticipated showdown will determine the frontrunners of the group. The Biancoceleste are in dire need of a victory in order to surpass Simeone's formidable squad. Just before the match, Coach Sarri graciously shared his thoughts with Sky's reporters.

"Playing in this stadium is incredibly challenging, but it also ignites a strong desire to compete. Achieving a favorable outcome here is very complicated. Securing qualification feels like a miraculous feat." He said.

"Our recent track record consists of one draw and three victories in the past four matches, yet it feels as though we suffered defeat in all of them by a score of 4-0. Rome possesses a unique atmosphere, and experts are experiencing frustration due to the high expectations they have created."

"As someone who belongs to a specific age group, I find it difficult to feel concerned about certain matters, just like footballers who might share the same sentiment. While I do find some aspects of the season satisfactory, there are others that leave much to be desired. The decisions we made have caused us to regress in certain regards. Our focus is solely on tomorrow's match, with no consideration given to Inter."

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