Lazio Issue A Statement To Protect Hysaj From Ultras

Elseid Hysaj, after having sung "Bella Ciao" in the classic rite of presentation at dinner with the team, was the target of some minority groups of the Biancoceleste supporters, who last night displayed a banner with the words: "Hysaj worm!  Lazio is fascist.", the club issued a new, harsh official statement condemning the gesture.

"The Lazio Sports Club strongly condemns the shameful banner against the player Elseid Hysaj.  It is not the first episode of this type.  We will never be on the side of those who deny the values ​​of sport.  On the other hand, we are without delay on the side of our athlete and of all the other players involved in the pre-season retreat in recent weeks.  We distance ourselves from those who want to exploit this event that damages the team, all Lazio fans, and the club for political purposes."

"We will not be intimidated by those who use violent and aggressive tones: for them, there is no space in our world which is instead inspired by the healthy sporting values ​​of loyalty and competition, mutual respect, and civil coexistence and aimed at overcoming everyone. the fences of a social, cultural, economic, and racial nature."

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