Reina Or Strakosha, The Choice For Lazio's Goalkeeper Is Ready

Sarri is ready to make his first choice regarding the option between the two goalkeepers: it all depends on one detail.

Like last summer, a run-off never seen in previous years at Lazio is back.  The one for the task of the last segment in defense of the biancoceleste goal, for years the role of exclusive possession of Thomas Strakosha.  

But already in the last summer under Inzaghi, the doubt had arisen.  Reina's experience was the first concrete obstacle for the Albanian, up to that point impossible for the question.  And, now, the dilemma has recurred also during the first summer under the Sarri squad.

The coach has not, up to now, hinted at any preference.  Six friendly matches played so far: four in Auronzo, one in Marienfeld, and one in Holland.  

And, despite a few minutes also granted to Adamonis, between Reina and Strakosha there is still total similarity of minutes played.  Sarri tried both, the Spaniard suffered only one goal, while the Albanian suffered three.  

But the goals collected count relatively: Sarri wants something else from the goalkeepers and this could direct the choice.  Offensive game, yes, but also defensive possession to remove any risk.  These are the requests of the coach, who aims to involve the goalkeepers as well.

And from this point of view Reina can certainly bring some advantages over Strakosha.  Also for this reason, after all, the choice of Inzaghi came last year during the championship in progress.  

In addition, as Corriere Dello Sport recalls, it is not new that there is a certain bond between Reina and Sarri.  The Spaniard is the sixth most-used player by the coach during his career.  There are 139 appearances, a hundred fewer than Hysaj who, with 243, is at the top of the standings and aims to improve his numbers.  

Beyond this, the feeling is that Reina starts slightly ahead of Strakosha, and, in this sense, the one that will take the field on Saturday against Sassuolo could give the definitive answer.

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