Aliaj: "I Wanted Toma To Come To Lazio, I Know The Club Well And It Was Easier Decision When Sarri Arrived"

In the aftermath of Toma Basic's goal in the Europa League match against Lokomotiv Moscow, the statements of his agent were released on La Lazio Siamo Noi microphones.

Victory and goal on his debut as a starter with the Lazio shirt.  Certainly, he could not have wished for better Toma Basic, who against Lokomotiv Moscow was deployed from 1' in the starting position of Mr. Maurizio Sarri.

The satisfaction was expressed by the club, who wanted to pay respect to him with a post on their social profiles, but also by the player himself.  In the post-match interviews, but also on Instagram, he talked about his feelings about him, underlining his gratitude for the opportunity he had and for the support from the fans.  With a great desire to do well and to carve out prominent space in Italy after his experiences at Hajduk Split and Bordeaux, the Croatian now does not want to stop.  

His agent, Adrian Aliaj, who talked about it to La Lazio Siamo Noi microphones, knows it well: "He could not have started his experience at Lazio better. I have never had any doubts about him, he has the quality to play in Serie A and is perfect for Sarri's game. "

The agent of the '96 class has gone back in time, and in particular to the arrival of Basic in the capital.  The arrival of Maurizio Sarri on the Biancoceleste bench was fundamental in the negotiation: 

"Before deciding to come to Lazio we also received other proposals from Serie A teams. But I'm happy that he is now in Rome and, above all, that is coached by Maurizio Sarri. I know a little about his work, his game system. I wanted Toma to come here and I'm sure the choice was the right one. I know the club well, for me it was an easier decision when Sarri arrived, it was clear that we wanted to move to Rome. I respect the coach very much, I know him well. Toma has all the qualities to do well in Italy. Quick negotiation? My head has changed everything. I wanted Toma to work with Sarri. "

From Ligue 1 to Serie A, from Italy to France.  It is inevitable to say that we still need time to see the best Basic, the one that the national team has won thanks to its high-level performances despite its young age.  

The agent explained: "He started the Biancoceleste experience a little late, he had already played a couple of games with Bordeaux. He needs some time to adapt to a new country, a new football, he had some time to pick up the pace. It takes time, especially with a midfield as strong as Lazio's. Toma has to learn Italian well, know what kind of football is played here. It will take months to adapt to everything, also to the life of Rome. It's something that every person who knows football knows well. He started well, he also scored. He will certainly do better, but he has already felt the confidence. Now it's up to him to show the coach. "

Finally, Aliaj retraced the career of the midfielder, underlining the desire to make the decisive leap in Italy, with the Lazio shirt: 

"Toma's journey was perfect. He started in Hajduk Split, a great team that boasts among the players also Boksic. Then he took the right step and went to France, to Bordeaux. It is a club that works a lot with young people. He arrived in Italy at the age of 24 for the definitive leap. The path was perfect up to this moment as a player."  

The objectives are clear, the determination is not lacking.  And if the good start is half the battle, the goal reached on the European night against Lokomotiv is destined to be the first of a long series!

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