Auronzo Di Cadore Day 2

The second day of training in Lazio has come to an end, and Sarri's biancoceleste and his staff continue to prepare. Today is also the first meeting of Patric, who arrived in Auronzo this afternoon.

MORNING - Good news for Lazio, who also includes Danilo Cataldi, who was absent yesterday due to work at the gym. Biancoceleste starts at 10.15 with three goalkeepers (Alia, Adamonis, and Furlanetto).

The training is divided into two parts: the first part focuses on attacking pressing in the front and midfield, as well as grabbing the ball. Sarri then embarked on an attacking plot, including Eurogol from Toma Basic.

In the second part, the defending team first exchanges with the attacking team in the gym. The coach repeats yesterday's exercise: running backward on the long ball. The coach expects straight lines and emphasizes detail, while also working on the player's form.

AFTERNOON -At 17.45, Lazio's afternoon session begins. The biancoceleste warms up with ball circulation and quick and short movements. Sarri then split the team in two and started a one-goal game, again based on pressing, recovery, and finishing. The coach insisted on keeping the defensive line outside the box.

A few minutes later, a short game started in a small square. Shortly thereafter, the mini-games were over and Sarri started training with a new pressing for one goal.

The final session was also over, the team entered the dressing room and Sarri opened the door for the children in the stands before they could enter the pitch. A great way to end the day is to unite the fans with the team.

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