[Official] Stefano Sanderra Will Become The Head Coach Of Lazio Primavera

A new era for Primavera begins. Lazio Primavera has a new coach: Stefano Sanderra is arriving from Malta.

Lazio Primavera needs to get back on their feet after a poor end to last season: a year they were supposed to return to the top flight, but Biancoceleste was forced to surrender to another year in Primavera 2. It is also for this reason that Fabiani, the new sporting director who will succeed Primavera, has also decided to replace the bench.

Stefano Sanderra will be the new coach chosen by Angelo Fabiani to lead the young Eagles. This was confirmed only a few days ago by Hibernians, the Malta club where he coached until a few days ago.

"Hibernians FC can confirm that an agreement has been reached with Mr. Stefano Sanderra for the termination of his contract, as he will join SS Lazio Primavera in Italy."

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