Audero: "At This Point, It Feels Premature To Discuss My Plans. I'm Thinking About Recovering, We'll See What Happens."

The future of Maximiano at Lazio is uncertain and remains to be determined. This season, the Portuguese goalkeeper has been unable to challenge Provedel's position, and this predicament is unlikely to change, leading to his potential departure from the capital. Latest reports suggest that Lazio is preparing for this possibility by showing interest in Emil Audero, who currently plays for Sampdoria. To clear up any confusion about his future, Audero spoke to Secolo XIX and stated the following:

"Transfer rumors? I often come across them while flipping through pages and reading articles.  I reply, 'Evidently everyone else knows everything and I know nothing'.  At this point, it feels premature to discuss my plans. It would be inappropriate to do so, and truthfully, I have no desire to engage in such discussions."

"I'm thinking about recovering, I'm also waiting to find out about the plans and ambitions of the new ownership. Unsurprisingly, the names of Sampdoria's players are already circulating now, it is a consequence of the club's situation. We'll see what happens."

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