[Official] AIA Suspend Di Bello For One Month Following Horrible Officiating In Lazio-Milan Match

The recent officiating in the Lazio-Milan match is set to have consequences for referee Marco Di Bello. According to reports from La Gazzetta dello Sport, Di Bello whose contentious decisions favored Stefano Pioli's team, will face a one-month suspension from the AIA.

In the Lazio vs AC Milan encounter, Di Bello administered three red cards and a total of 11 yellow cards. The Serie A match at the Stadio Olimpico on Friday night witnessed a relatively calm first half, but tensions escalated in the second half, resulting in 30 recorded fouls and a dispute between the two teams.

The Italian media criticized Di Bello's handling of the matter, and post-match talks were dominated by controversy. The AIA, the Italian League Referees Association, agreed with the decision to punish Di Bello owing to his failure to restore order among the arguing players. Essentially, the suspension was attributed to his inability to keep control over the game rather than the decisions he made.

This marks the second incident this season following a previous suspension earlier in the year. The earlier suspension stemmed from a high-profile error in the Juventus-Bologna match, where a controversial decision benefited Juventus, sparking controversy over denied penalties and potential expulsions.

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