Lazio's Season's End: Handling Tensions And Changes Under Tudor's Guidance

The season has ended with many disappointed faces both inside and outside Formello. Fans are frustrated with a year that fell short of initial expectations, culminating in Sarri's resignation. Within Formello, there are numerous issues to resolve. In the coming hours, Lotito, Fabiani, and Igor Tudor will meet to determine the future direction, a meeting we hinted at earlier this month. While Tudor's arrival brought an upward trend in the championship, it also caused significant tensions in the locker room.

Guendouzi wants to leave, his relationship with the Croatian coach is minimal, and no reconciliation seems possible. The Frenchman, who was the best performer until Sarri left, saw his playing time reduced and his performance decline under Tudor. The coach is also ready to let go of other players like Rovella and Isaksen, both significant investments for Lazio last summer that Lotito can't afford to waste. Neither player, struggling with injuries and form, could fetch their initial purchase price of 30 million euros today. Other squad members also have strained relationships with Tudor due to character and technical differences.

Therefore, a discussion between the club and the coach is necessary. Lazio wants to continue with Tudor but seeks more flexibility from him. The club cannot dismantle the team assembled last summer. Tudor, however, desires players with specific characteristics and has communicated this clearly, including in his latest press conference: "I see potential for improvement in all areas; we have discussed this. We need a strong team with the attributes to play my style of football." Tudor's style demands physicality and intensity, requiring a significant overhaul of the squad. Without Champions League revenue, a major transformation is difficult. Tudor and Lazio will sit down to negotiate and find common ground. Sharing a clear vision for the future is essential to avoid complications from the start.

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