[FRIENDLY] Lazio - Fiori Barp Sospirolo = 11 - 0

In the shadow of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Maurizio Sarri's Lazio is back on the pitch, winning 11-0 over the team of Fiori Bard Sospirolo.  The stars of Luis Alberto, Caicedo, and Felipe Anderson shine once again.  

Lazio - Fiori Barp Sospirolo 11-0 (4 'F. Anderson, 19', 38 'and 45' Luis Alberto, 34 'and 42' Caicedo, 36 'Hysaj, 65' Marusic, 72 'Akpa Akpro, 77' and 85  'Muriqi)

LAZIO 1st half (4-3-3): Reina;  Lazzari, Luiz Felipe, Patric, Hysaj;  Milinkovic, Leiva, Luis Alberto;  Felipe Anderson, Caicedo, Moro

LAZIO 2nd half (4-3-3): Reina (60' Adamonis);  Marusic, Vavro, Radu, Kamenovic;  Akpa Akpro, Escalante, Cataldi;  Adekanye, Muriqi, Jony

Players Rating:

REINA (-) - Spends the first season passing balls to the defender and midfielder.  Waiting for more convincing tests.

60 'ADAMONIS (-) - Another piece of the match for the Lithuanian goalkeeper.

LAZZARI (6.5) - Always looking for the opportunity to overlap on the right side.  It is difficult to keep up with him even with just their eyes.

46 'MARUSIC (7) - Provide a textbook's goal.  He closes a perfect one-two with Adekanye and signs up for the scorers with a precise right foot.

LUIZ FELIPE (-) - He is concerned with ruling the defensive line while waiting for more complicated tests.

46 'VAVRO (6.5) - Clean, precise, and with a decent foot.  Excellent signals from the Slovakian center back, always taking into account the opponent's movement.

PATRIC (-) - Become a central defender this time. With Luiz Felipe attentive to sporadic scoring, the Spaniard has a few more tasks in the circulation of the ball.

46 ′ RADU (-) - See above.

HYSAJ (7) - The first goal in biancoceleste is magic.  For the rest, he is limited to covering Raul Moro.

46 'KAMENOVIC (6.5) - Good first for the Serbian player.  After having tried in recent weeks as a central, he made his debut as a left-back, the natural role of him.

MILINKOVIC-SAVIC (7) - The play for Luis Alberto's second goal alone is worth the price of the ticket.  His presence in midfield was always classy: "the usual Sergeant".

46 ′ AKPA AKPRO (7) - Confirms the performance against the Top 11 is once again one of the players most in the ball possession.  He plays in an offensive mindset, finding personal joy scoring a goal on a corner kick by Cataldi.

LUCAS LEIVA (6.5) - We are sure that when he serves, the Brazilian will be there to protect the biancoceleste line.

46 'ESCALANTE (6.5) - He is appreciated for some excellent passing for a right side from the edge of the area.  More on the ball than the last friendly.

LUIS ALBERTO (8.5) - The 'Magician', today seems to have sent a message to his teammate Ciro Immobile: after the brace at his debut, with today's hat-trick he is the top scorer of the retreat.

46 'CATALDI (7) - Sarri's response to the Roman midfielder is a new life as a mezzala. And he performs in that position with a good result.

FELIPE ANDERSON (7.5) - After three long years, the Brazilian has returned home, and seeing him sprint with the 7 on his back is a beauty.  It would certainly not be bad, then, if he maintained this splendid habit of unblocking matches even late in the season.

46 ′ JONY (6) - It is noted only for the excellent cross that sends Muriqi into the goal.

CAICEDO (7.5) - Provide two goals that one of them the Ecuadorian bomber needs to engage in a rustic duel with the goalkeeper of the Fiori Barp, who does not retreat an inch and saves all the parable.  

46 'MURIQI (7.5) - He protects the ball, turns and widens for Cataldi, then goes to close on Jony's cross with a powerful header.  Also, provide second goals in this friendly.

RAUL MORO (7) - He always creating a dangerous threat for the opponent.  Never look down when he is on the field.

46 ′ ADEKANYE (6) - Looks better on a few days ago friendly, but he still has the merit of serving Marusic the 8-0 goal.

SARRI (7.5) - In the first half he probably deploys the best possible formation and his team repays him with a clear 7-0.  In the second half, he revolutionized the biancoceleste team, making Kamenovic debut.  Sarrismo continues to take shape.

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