Goodbye Macron, As Mizuno And Kappa Are In Negotiation With Lazio

Lazio and Macron will say goodbye at the end of the season.  For the new technical sponsor, there are for now two alternatives at stake.

Macron will no longer be supplying Lazio shirts from next year.  The technical sponsorship contract expires in June and the company, according to Il Tempo, is already working on two alternatives.  

The first is Robe di Kappa, which had already presented an offer in 2013 before the Biancoceleste shifted onto the current brand.  The second is instead an absolute novelty leaked in recent days.

This is Mizuno, a Japanese brand with an ancient foundation, specializing in sports clothing for disciplines.  The proposed proposal, according to the rumors that are reported, would have attracted the club a lot and the negotiations seem to be well underway.

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