Acerbi: "I Made A Mistake, I Apologize. The Laugh Tonight Was Hysterical Because I Boldly Lost Two Points, Not Because I'm Glad I Lost. I Don't Even Want The Fans To Think Of Me That Way."

Lazio throws away the match with Milan. At the Stadio Olimpico, Sarri's side, who had also taken the lead with Immobile in the first half, only allowed themselves to be hit by Giroud's goal, and after defensive errors from Marusic and Acerbi, Tonali made a deciding goal.

Cameras then captured Acerbi laughing after Tonali's goal, laughter that angered fans. Then, at the end of the game, Acerbi got into an argument with Marusic and almost got into a fight.

Francesco Acerbi then came back to speak, with a social message less than two hours after the game:

"Enough is enough for now. I've always given my all for these colors and I'm proud to win trophies with this jersey. There was some friction and I repeat, like I've already done, I made a mistake, I apologize. The laugh tonight was hysterical because I boldly lost two points, not because I'm glad I lost. I don't even want the fans to think of me that way."

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