Delio Rossi: "If Lazio Takes Romagnoli, Acerbi Has To Be Sold. If I Choose Romagnoli, I Need A Quick One Next To Him."

April 13, 2022

Delio Rossi analyzes Lazio's season in front of Radiosei's microphone: these are his statements.

"After Fiorentina, Lazio found their way, also from an aesthetic point of view. The derby is a shame, but it can happen. We hope they continue."

For Sarri's defense, Luiz Felipe and Patric are better suited. It is understood that the assessment is made by the coach and he will use whoever gives him the most guarantees, regardless of contract expiry or Anything else. For next year Patric may be one of the four central players, but I don't imagine him as the regular starter."

"If Lazio takes Romagnoli, Acerbi has to be sold. They are not complementary players. If I choose Romagnoli, I need a quick one next to him. Tomori for example. Acerbi did not benefit from Sarri's change of game system which instead benefited Patric."

"It's not easy for acerbi to deal with the 40-meter field, and then maybe he's questioned too much by the environment. Maybe he doesn't tolerate these things too much. In football, people are always looking for a scapegoat and maybe he's here." Kind of to that end, although his duties are no different from his teammates."

"Immobile's experience with the national team was like a test and in my opinion, his performance was worrying. It doesn't happen to him in Lazio because Lazio is his hometown. I think it's his personal As a matter of fact, he was having a bad time."

"If I had to bet on future players, I would say Zaccagni. For me, he still has room for improvement. Felipe Anderson is good, but he can't give more than he already gives. Pedro is very Strong, but you need another one on the wing."

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