Auronzo Di Cadore Day 14

Day 14 at Retreat Auronzo di Cadore. Lazio, who beat Triestina on Sunday, worked another double session for Sarri's men.

Morning session

The coaches assembled the squad at 10:30 in the morning for the second day in a row. After yesterday's unloading work, the team members were assigned roles by the staff. 

As is now practice, defenders complete some athletic tests before concentrating on tactics. 

On the other hand, midfielders and forwards do some athletic training and then change teammates at the end of training.

Afternoon Session 

Afternoon training for the capital's first team takes place at Rodolfo Zandegiacomo at 5.45 pm.

After an initial period of muscular warm-up, the Biancoceleste put in a lot of tactical work before an 11-a-side game on the small pitch, which the Reds won thanks to a goal from Pedro.

Evening Event

In the evening, Lazio's presentation begins at Auronzo di Cadore. The event will take place directly at the Zandegiacomo Stadium, where the Biancoceleste team's training sessions take place.

The entire team was present as well as the technician and president Claudio Lotito. Tonight is a great opportunity to see the Lazio third shirt.

Mizuno's three jersey releases have done a lot of fun so far, with the home and third jerseys keeping things simple and the away jersey more fun.

"You will notice the diamond mosaic effect reminiscent of ancient Rome, to give our players the strength of warriors," Mizuno posted on Instagram.

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