Sarri Sends His Staff To Check The Condition Of The Olimpico Before The Match Against Midtjylland

Conditions at the Olimpico stadium are not the best, and Maurizio Sarri is equally concerned, underscoring the issue by repeating the question of who should be.

In recent weeks, there have been meetings and talks between coaches, the president, and Sport and Salute. It was decided to fix the turf but we have to wait for the World Cup break in November. In the meantime, they're trying to make some small improvements to make it fit as much as possible to facilitate the game rather than hinder it.

As reported by the usual press review of Radiosei, Biancoceleste reached an agreement with Sport and Health yesterday morning to inspect the facility. The Tuscan technician sent two of his trusted collaborators: Ianni and Picchioni, and the agronomist in charge of the Formello fields.

The Lazio representation requested that the lawn be watered more than it was during their match against Udinese to make the soccer ball easier to slide. Although some minor improvements have been made since then, it’s still too early to determine if they will be sufficient. Additionally, Midtjylland completed last-minute touches at Olimpico Stadium yesterday.

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