Lazio And Kezman Will Try To Find A New Club For Kamenovic

Dimitrije Kamenovic who had never played up to now limited his adventures at Lazio to the second half of last season's final game against Verona before going absolutely to zero appearances. Despite repeated insistence from the sporting director and chairman, Sarri never considered him and the technical feeling with the 2000 class never started.

The player's agent, Kezman, announced that he will have to find a club for Kamenovic: Tare doesn't want to lose him forever, he would prefer to go on loan, he believes in the boy's ability and that he can prove to be a good investment. Lotito, on the other hand, is leaning towards a definitive farewell, but today it's hard to find anyone who can invest two million (Lazio's assessment) for a boy who hasn't played for almost a year and a half, technique and finesse will be required. What is certain is that Kamenovic will be packing his bags in January, and he too wants to be a footballer again. There will be requests from Serie B and foreign teams. Kamenovic will leave Lazio, which will be the first step in entering the transfer market and trying to please Sarri.

Lotito has said in the past: "Without exits, the squad is complete," But Sarri is pushing for reinforcements in January. In the coach's ideas, there are a vice-Immobile and a left full-back, as well as Ilic if Luis Alberto leaves. As it stands, clubs are a niche market that has yet to materialize. Lotito has tasked Tare with some layoffs and downsizing the workforce, and an outgoing profile is certainly that of Dimitrije Kamenovic.

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