Marusic: "It's Not For Nothing That They Call Him Sergeant. He’s Doing His Best And Always Wants To Get Better. He Won't Cause Trouble If Lazio Doesn't Sell Him When Offers Come In. He Always Supports The Club's Decisions."

Adam Marusic spoke about Sergej Milinkovic-Savic to the microphones of Mozzartsport. From the first time they met in the locker room to the relationship that now binds them together and makes them see each other as brothers. This is one of our strengths. A concept deeply rooted in Lazio squads, a family. 

"Here in Rome, it's not for nothing that they call him Sergeant. Even before I arrived, he was the star of Lazio," said the Montenegrin pointed out immediately. He then continued: "He scored two goals in the derby and became popular. But he keeps getting better and better every year and it shows what kind of player he is. It's fascinating how you can find motivation every year. Even if every summer it is written that he could leave Lazio to move to a bigger club, in the following season he plays better. He became the highest scoring midfielder in the club's history. He is indescribable. Lots of goals and assists. He dominates Serie A. At the end of every season, I don't think he could have done better. He always finds motivation, he is very hungry for success."

"The way he welcomed me at Lazio is commendable. People who don't know him might think he's bossy, but when you get to know him a little bit, you see what kind of person he is, and how down-to-earth he is. A normal boy who is full of normal things. Relaxed, always ready to listen, and helpful whenever possible. He is very close to his family, to his brother Vanja, to his sister, mother, father, and girlfriend. Now he has become a father. I can't wait to see him in that role. What annoys him? He doesn't like to lose. No matter what we play, he gets really upset if we lose. He always likes to win, which is a great quality in an athlete."

"Transfer? If the opportunity comes, it's going to happen. If not, he's here and he's playing better. He's never said anything about it. From a player's point of view, believe me, it's not easy. But he doesn’t care. He’s doing his best and always wants to get better. Letters and offers come in every year, but he always supports the club's decisions. He won't cause trouble if Lazio doesn't sell him when offers come in. If the club is not making money without him leaving, he will not allow himself to do so. It is true from my point of view. The club followed him and gave him a new contract, but he deserves everything."

"The fans love him. Wherever he goes, he's mobbed. He's come here as a young man, he's developed and given a lot for the club. He's been here for eight years. He had a great relationship with them from day one. They loved him and he loved them on the pitch. He did great things. He won three trophies with Lazio. It's a great achievement to play for so many years at that level in Serie A. He is the best midfield player in the league. There is no such complete player."

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