Maximiano: "There Is A Long Season To Play. We Always Have To Be Ready Because We Don't Know When It Will Come."

November 13, 2022

Luis Maximiano speaks. On the eve of Juventus-Lazio, the Portuguese goalkeeper who arrived in the summer was interviewed by the microphone of Lazio Style Channel. Below are all his statements.

"As players, we always have to be ready because we don't know when it will come. These things happen in my career, I was young, it never happened to me, but everything made me grow."

"In football, winning is important, for us, they are more important because if you trust the players we are all ready to help the team. We are good together as a team.  There is a long season to play and we are happy with the results."

"Serie A? It's a very competitive championship and if you want to stay ahead, you can't drop points. I like Serie A, there are 7-8 teams in the lead and they try to score every day."

"Lazio fans are very passionate and live with great intensity.  Football in here is a wonderful experience for everyone."

"Derby? The derby is a very nice experience and I believe the Derby is very emotional."

"It's nice to go under the North as winners because all together we are stronger."

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