Calori: "I Believe Crespi And Ruggeri Have The Potential To Develop Significantly. They Must First Acquire Their Own Experiences And Take A Transitional Step Before Becoming A Part Of Lazio."

Alessandro Calori, former Lazio Primavera coach, spoke to the microphones of, he discussed the current championship and the potential players from Lazio Primavera that could enhance Lazio's roster.

"In terms of total points and potential, Juventus, Inter, and Milan are the ones that could threaten Napoli. Roma and Lazio are still a bit distant, although the biancoceleste has more potential than the giallorossi."

He then mentioned a primavera player that could help Lazio's roster:

"Sarri knows the Primavera very well, he observes it every day and understands it extremely well. I believe Crespi and Ruggeri have the potential to develop significantly. There is still time to improve it, they must first acquire their own experiences and take a transitional step before becoming a part of Lazio. They're both fascinating individuals, it will be up to them to find the correct path."

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