The Improvement Of Olimpico Stadium's Pitch Is Completed

December 26, 2022

Before the Serie A league begins, a club representative from Lazio inspected the pitch of Olimpico Stadium to check the conditions.

Without football, the Olimpico takes advantage of the opportunity and rehabilitates its appearance. The pitch is now perfect and will be in the best possible condition on January 4th for the league to resume (there will be a match between Roma and Bologna).

Sport e Salute, the organization that oversees the stadium's management, stated that:

"During the league's hiatus, the field at the Olimpico is subjected to a series of rehabilitation intended to increase the density and strength of the turf, these methods include phytolamps (which mimic sunlight), natural products, such as amino acids and root development bioactivators, and new generation products that are derived from the treatment of algae with their biodynamic properties. The lawn is constantly monitored to avoid the development of fungal diseases. Several sowings that were appropriate for growing in winter were conducted. The project's results are evident and the turf is in excellent condition."

Lazio has already performed an inspection, but not Sarri, whose judgment is eagerly awaited. Analyzing the current state of the pitch, there's no doubt: this is the perfect setting.

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