Cancellieri: "Sarri Is A Great Coach, He Has Made Me Grow A Lot. I Intend To Remain With Immobile For Many Years In Lazio And Play Alongside Him."

Matteo Cancellieri received the Daniel Guerini award as the best young player last year at the ADiCoS football celebration tonight. These are his words:

"Last year, I made my Serie A debut in Verona, I scored in the league as well as in the Italian Cup, it was a satisfying beginning to my first season in the league."

"Lazio is of a high caliber, there are competent players who have achieved significant accomplishments. I believe I need some time to settle in and have an impact."

"Who inspires me? Mbappe!"

"Sarri is a great coach, he has made me grow a lot, even in the role of central forward, I believe I can do well with him. I intend to remain with Immobile for many years in Lazio and play alongside him."

"Daniel Guerini? A memory that goes beyond football, I grew up together with Daniel. A pleasure to be here."

"Will I Play more? I want to find continuity, and now that I'm part of a significant team, I want to have space in this team. It's difficult for a young person to transition immediately to that position, I come from Verona, and the requests from the club and the fans were less significant. This is why they are expects more. I try to do my best and be helpful."

"Lazio? We are serene, we play calmly, we should be at the top, we are playing good football, and this is having an effect. It's entirely deserved."

"European Under 21? The next commitment is that I hope to accomplish this, I want to excel at it. I have no control over the call-ups, I think about training, then the choices are made by the coach. It's difficult for a young player to begin and have a significant impact in this important club and league. It will take time, I'm not in a hurry, I have time to demonstrate. I'm positive." 

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