Giannichedda: "Right Now, It's Beneficial To Play Once Every Week. I Didn't Anticipate Zaccagni To Have Such A Decisive Influence. These Four Games Will Be Crucial To Lazio's Progress."

The former Lazio player, Giuliano Giannichedda, spoke about the path of Lazio in the competition, the goal in the Champions League, and the prominent aspects of Sarri's team this season on the radio program "Sei Volte Buongiorno" on Radiosei.

"Right now, it's beneficial to play once every week. No athlete participates in the game without some degree of pain, they are overloaded with a lot of physical and mental stress. Constant defeat and fatigue are common."

"Zaccagni has impressed me to this point in the team. I didn't anticipate Zaccagni to have such a decisive influence, he typically has a more discontinuous nature. This season, he's the extra man for Lazio, he scores, he creates an advantage, and I appreciated him positively."

"Cataldi? I know him very well and I'm happy to see him mature. He is young and intriguing, but he is part of a proven department in Lazio because every central midfielder performs well under Sarri. Cataldi is very good at understanding what the coach tells him. The same goes for Casale and Romagnoli."

"Marcos Antonio? You can't judge before we see more. I'd wait before passing judgment; you need to see him play 4-5 games in a row to get a sense of what kind of player he is."

"If they return the 15 points to Juventus, it will be more difficult for Lazio to qualify for the Champions League. Sarri's team can accomplish it because they understand how they need to play all of the games and why they need to capitalize on the mistakes of the other teams. These four games will be crucial to Lazio's progress."

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