Lazio And Roma Are Being Investigated And Could Receive A Point Deduction If Found Guilty Like Juventus

Other than Juventus, scandals regarding finances have been reported in the Italian League's AS Roma and Lazio clubs, this was because of an investigation by the league's governing body.

Later, the duo Roma, AS Roma, and Lazio were alleged to be investigated by the competition regulator, related to the capital investment scandal.

According to Football Italia, an investigation was conducted by Italian authorities dedicated to financial issues that attempted to locate evidence at multiple clubs, including AS Roma, Lazio, and Salernitana. It is reported that the investigation was performed twice, the investigators were from the region of Rome.

It is reported that AS Roma's director, Dan Friedkin, is one of the individuals targeted in this investigation, along with the former owner, James Palotta. In 2020, Friedkin purchased AS Roma shares from Palotta, this investigation was conducted on the financial statements regarding player purchases from 2017 to 2021.

One of the initial discoveries was the transfer of two players, Leonardo Spinazzola and Luca Pellegrini in 2019. Later, AS Roma also transferred Riccardo Marchizza and Davide Frattesi to Sassuolo, as well as Marco Tumminello to Atalanta. This case is similar to that of Juventus, but on a smaller scale and with fewer participants.

On the other hand, Lazio experienced a different form of equity participation, which was affected by their owner, Claudio Lotito.

An investigation was conducted on two clubs, Lazio and Salernitana, which were alleged to have transferred players. The list of players would be Akpa Akpro, who joined in 2020; Thiago Casasola (2019); Marino (2020); Cicerelli (2021); Novella (2020); Morrone (2020).

For clarification, Lazio and Salernitana were once owned by the same person, the president of the Biancoceleste, Claudio Lotito.

If you look at the Juventus case, AS Roma and Lazio could have received a point deduction if the allegations were proven, as well as a high-ranking club figure who was sentenced. Juventus has docked 15 points, dropping them to tenth place in the Italian League standings.

Furthermore, the club's financial situation has deteriorated, making it difficult to sign new players in the summer transfer market in 2023. With this situation, Lazio and AS Roma must be cautious, as they are currently competing to enter the European zone. Lazio is still in second place in the Italian League, while AS Roma is in fifth place.

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