[Official] Diego Gonzalez Has Been Redeemed Permanently By Lazio

It had already been speculated on for days, and the official announcement was released just tonight.  Diego Gonzalez has been convincing Claudio Lotito and the entire Lazio staff, his excellent performances under the direction of Sanderra's Primavera have led to him scoring 2 goals in 4 appearances thus far.

The class of 2003 has already been redeemed, as also reiterated by his agent Alessandro Monfrecola, the president of the Biancoceleste club was willing to pay 1 million euros into Celaya's pocket. Details from Di Marzio.  One million would have to be paid to initiate the purchase, but bonuses based on performance would have to reach 2.5 million. Celaya retains 20% in case of future sales.

Here is the club's note:

"The SS  Lazio announces that it has transformed the transfer of the rights to the sports performances of the footballer Diego Luis Gonzalez Alcaraz from temporary to permanent."

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