Lazio Can At Least Get 40 Million If They Can Participate In The Champions League Next Season

April 04, 2023

As reported by the Corriere dello Sport, despite Sarri's superstition remark, hitting the Champions League would lead to a real, positive boost for Lazio's transfer market.

In fact, beyond the rhetorical methods, with the return to the highest Europe competition, a more compelling, more competitive Lazio can be born. Lazio Joining the Champions League would guarantee a minimum collection of 40 million for them, which should be added by a variable figure between 10 and 15 million that is dependent on victories, passage through the round, and the market.

The budget also would increase with the sale of Milinkovic, which Lotito does not intend to authorize for less than 40 million (the minimum amount the player's manager has committed to Formello, but the market determines the price). Sixty to seventy million, keeping it modest. Perhaps 80 Million can be acquired with calculated Sergej's departure and other minor transfers. 

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