Zoff: "Lazio's Momentum Is Positive, I Have Long Believed That Sarri's Team Can Compete For A Spot In The Next Champions League. Provedel Was A Surprise For Me."

Speaking on Radiosei, former Lazio coach and president Dino Zoff commented on the biancoceleste's seasonal performance, and then on the performance of current goalkeeper Ivan Provedel.

These are his words:

"Lazio's momentum is positive, but I have long believed that Sarri's team can compete for a spot in the next Champions League. The current position is the best that can be had; now we must believe that we can compete until the bitter end."

"The idea is simple when a team does not concede a goal, the assumption is always positive. It all starts with the defensive department, from which the results are derived. Sarri has many accomplishments in this area; he established this foundation that allows everyone to work well together. You never find Lazio open, which is a huge benefit. There is also player quality."

"To clarify, I do not believe in sporting miracles. I've been saying it for a month: the possibilities are endless. Lazio has always been at or near these levels and is now even better. This is in addition to the penalty that cost Juventus points and Atalanta's inconsistency. The next match against Juventus? This match will determine the majority of the chances in the Champions League race."

"Provedel was a surprise for me.  I didn't know much about him, but he's a complete goalkeeper with a great personality who is making a significant contribution. It is always difficult to be a goalkeeper in Rome, and he is proving to be up to the task, at a time when the specificity, the substance of the role, has been somewhat lost. The concept of building from below and using the feet is being abused. Then some goalkeepers don't clear the ball well or control it as well as they should."

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