Klose: "Lazio In The Champions League? We Should All Hope For That. They've Always Been A Part Of My Heart, And I Still Maintain A Close Relationship With Many Fans."

May 17, 2023

"Am I a monument of world football? No, no, zero". This is the beginning of the interview with Miroslav Klose on the microphones of Dazn. The former player discussed his time with Lazio, in particular his relationship with the supporters.

"Hard to explain. When I arrived in 2011, it was exceptional. The intimacy of the fans was special, every home game was enjoyable to play in front of them. They've always been a part of my heart, and I still maintain a close relationship with many fans, even journalists from Italy. It's truly enjoyable to return to this city."

"I greatly enjoy watching Italian football. Napoli won the championship extremely well. They have improved compared to when I was playing for Lazio. We see that it is like another football league. But mentality, but also the condition, the strength is different. Italian football wasn't like this before, they made a lot of effort."

"Lazio in the Champions League? We should all hope for that. They are still present in important positions. Immobile, like many others, is crucial. You can perceive the coach's influence, they participate as a team. Additionally, I believe that this is what makes Lazio so strong."

"Which coach has the greatest effect on me? I interacted with many of them and gained insight from all of them. At Lazio, I was in charge of Pioli and Inzaghi. There's also Flick, there are a lot of them."

"If there is a striker I'd like to talk about? Osimhen above all, and Leao even if he is not a forward. There's Giroud who has a nose for finding ways to remain in the box in situations that require him to do so. Overall Osimhen, Immobile, and Giroud, these are the forwards I enjoy the most." 

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