Sarri Cut Short His Vacation To Return To Rome Earlier To Meet With Lotito About Lazio's Transfer Market

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, it has been reported that Maurizio Sarri is becoming increasingly restless regarding Lazio's transfer market. The coach is so eager to make progress that he is planning to cut short his vacation and return to Rome ahead of schedule to attend a meeting with President Lotito. This week, the Biancoceleste coach will be back in the capital city.

Lotito had promised at least two reinforcements by 20 June, it's four days later and no one has been seen in Paideia. The president is aware of the possibility of still having time to make an offer, Sarri would be satisfied with having them for the retreat (July 11), but we need to speed up. 

The Lazio coach is expected in Rome between today and tomorrow. The meeting with Lotito was originally scheduled for the middle of the week, the parties expected it to start on that day. There is a commotion and desire to rush to checkers, before the retire Sarri wishes to get the first addition, Fabiani and Picchioni (previously involved with the coaching, now scouts in Lazio) are employed.

The coach's primary focus is on recruiting a midfielder, and he is eager to accelerate the process. Torreira has been given the green light by the coach, and he is keen on joining Lazio, making himself available by leaving Galatasaray. However, the signing is contingent on the departure of Marcos Antonio.

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