Lazio Have Begun Talks With Crystal Palace's Zaha

The transfer market for Lazio is currently active and the team's management is keen on fortifying the team for the upcoming season. As per reports from Sky Sports, one of the players that the club is focusing on is Wilfried Zaha. Sarri has approved the arrival of the player, however, Zaha has requested some time to consider all the available offers.

Fabrizio Romano has reported that Lazio has initiated discussions to acquire Wilfred Zaha and bring him to Italy. The Crystal Palace forward's contract is coming to an end, and he would join Sarri's team without any transfer fee. Zaha has several offers on the table and will assess them shortly to make a decision.

Born in 1992, Zaha tallied 68 goals in over 300 appearances during his time playing football in London. If he were to join Lazio, his player profile could serve as a suitable backup for Immobile. Zaha's attributes enable him to perform well both as a winger and as a central attacker.

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