Auronzo Di Cadore: Day 1 Report

After the conclusion of the holiday season, it is now time to return to work for Lazio. The team is poised to begin their 16th summer training camp in Auronzo di Cadore. With their sights set on the upcoming season, which includes their participation in the prestigious Champions League, the Biancoceleste are gearing up for intensive preparations. As they embark on their first journey and commence their initial training session, they can expect a large gathering of devoted fans eagerly observing their every move.

Morning session: 10.00 am

The first training session for Lazio in Auronzo di Cadore commences under rainy conditions. Before the morning session in the gym, Luis Alberto, Zaccagni, Cataldi, Felipe Anderson, Pedro, and Basic undergo various treatments. There is no cause for concern, as these are routine physiotherapy sessions before resuming training. The four goalkeepers, namely Adamonis, Provedel, Maximiano, and Furlanetto, then take to the field. Following this, Sarri gathers the midfielders and forwards for tactical exercises. The defenders, who had previously engaged in athletic training, subsequently participate in a session focusing on the movements of the defensive line. After nearly two hours, Lazio's first training session concludes. Coach Sarri's players will reconvene on the field at 17:45.

Afternoon session: 5.45 pm

The afternoon session of Lazio's first day of training starts with ball quickness exercises. Sarri then divides the team in half for tactical experiments with a 4-3-3 formation. 

Blue (4-3-3): Provedel (Adamonis); Lazzari, Ruggeri (Dutu), Romagnoli, Fares; Vecino, Cataldi, Basic; Felipe Anderson, Diego Gonzalez, Pedro

Red (4-3-3): Maximiano (Furlanetto); Floriani, Casale, Patric, Marusic; Akpa Akpro (Bertini), Marcos Antonio, Luis Alberto; Balde, Crespi, Zaccagni (Sana Fernandes)

The training concludes with a mini-match on a reduced pitch, asking for particular attention in the defensive phase. The team will return to the field for the second day of training tomorrow, July 13. 

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