Auronzo Di Cadore: Day 14 Report

Lazio's training in Auronzo di Cadore has reached its fourteenth day. Tomorrow, the team will be taking on NK Bravo in a friendly match. As a result, a two-part training session has been planned for today, following the afternoon of rest that Maurizio Sarri allowed the team yesterday. Additionally, Valentin Castellanos is anticipated to join the training session after he arrives at the Auronzo di Cadore training camp yesterday evening.

Morning session at 10:00

The morning training session for Lazio commences with the entrance of the goalkeepers and defenders, who proceed to warm up. Sarri initiates a tactical exercise focused on ball possession for the defensive line, as well as practicing long ball techniques. Subsequently, the attackers join in on the adjacent field, where 'El Taty' Castellanos receives a warm reception from his new fans, eliciting applause and cheers. The teams then divide into two groups.

Red (4-3-3): Patric, Casale, Ruggeri, Marusic; Vecino, Cataldi, Basic; Cancellieri, Immobile, Zaccagni;

Blue (4-3-3): Lazzari, Dutu, Romagnoli, Fares; Bertini, Marcos Antonio, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Castellanos, Pedro.

The team focuses on various aspects of the game, such as ball possession, pressure, and finishing on goal. They then dedicate time to practicing set pieces, with a particular emphasis on corner kicks. Finally, the coach wraps up with a short meeting specifically addressing the offensive strategies and tactics.

Afternoon session at 17.00

Following the morning session, Lazio gathered for the second training session of the day, with the final friendly encounter versus Bravo in mind. The game is scheduled for tomorrow at 18.00. The team's first part of training in the gym. Coach Nenci instructs the goalkeepers on the field in front of Zandegiacomo. The team then moves onto the field, divided into two groups by coach Sarri, for a practice match on a small pitch.

Red (4-3-3): Patric, Casale, Ruggeri, Fares; Bertini, Cataldi, Basic; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Pedro (Sana Fernandes)

Blue (4-3-3): Lazzari, Dutu, Romagnoli, Marusic; Vecino, Marcos Antonio, Luis Alberto; Cancellieri (Gonzalez), Castellanos, Zaccagni

Lazio's training session comes to an end here, as the players return to the tunnel due to the heavy rain that fell on Auronzo di Cadore.

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