[Official] Lazio Unveils Their Third Jersey In Auronzo Di Cadore

In the upcoming 2023/2024 season, Lazio has officially released a third jersey that the players will proudly wear.

The third kit of Lazio showcases a white color scheme adorned with an L-shaped design, symbolizing the Roman numeral 50. This L motif can be observed on the shirt, collar, and cuffs, serving as a nostalgic tribute to the club's initial Scudetto triumph half a century ago. At initial sight, it bears a resemblance to a chain.

Both Lazio and Mizuno have a shared intention to showcase their dedication to sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprint. To achieve this, the jerseys in the upcoming collection will be manufactured using 100 percent recyclable and breathable polyester.

Below is a statement from the club.

"Lazio presents the third jersey. The jersey designed by Mizuno completes the trilogy of shirts for the 2023/24 season which celebrates the 50th anniversary of SS Lazio's first championship in 1973-74."

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