There Are Wild Rumors That Lotito Is Working Behind The Scenes To Get Hazard Who Is Available For Free Transfer

When faced with criticism for not reinforcing Lazio and providing Sarri with the necessary additions for the Champions League, Claudio Lotito responded confidently, stating, "I have a remarkable plan in place that will astound everyone." Lotito's remarks came as the pre-season training camp was nearing its conclusion.

The profile being discussed bears similarities to a player who has had a significant career and is searching for a resurgence, similar to Miroslav Klose's transfer. One notable player that Sarri has had the chance to coach is Eden Hazard, who has fallen into obscurity after his transfer to Real Madrid and is presently without a team.

Lotito's plan to make a sensational impact is not without its challenges, as it comes with exorbitant costs that may seem almost impossible to overcome. Instead of misleading fans with unattainable names, Lotito aims to astonish and leave everyone in awe.

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