Luis Alberto Will Be Fined For His Recent Incident, Putting His Position As Vice Captain At Risk

August 06, 2023

Peace ensued as Luis Alberto resolved the internal conflicts within himself. He humbly retreated and offered his apologies to those he had wronged with his recent erratic behavior. Refusing to depart for Birmingham served as a significant blow to Sarri and his team, who, despite being accustomed to his impulsive actions, were convinced that this time he had crossed a line.

According to a report by Corriere dello Sport, a meeting was held in Girona to address the recent incident involving the midfielder. This meeting took place before yesterday's training session, as the player had joined the team in preparation for today's friendly match. While his apologies have been accepted and he has been allowed back into the group, he will not escape without consequences. It has been determined that he will be required to pay a fine of approximately 40,000 euros, following the terms outlined in the collective agreement. Additionally, he took the opportunity to explain the rationale behind his actions to both the coaches and his fellow teammates.

The stunt performed did not pose a risk to the renewal, which we had already predicted, and only await the official announcement. However, it did impact the group's intention to appoint him as the vice-captain.

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