The Deal With Midtjylland Has Been Reached, And Isaksen Will Be In Rome On Monday

Once Kamada was finalized, Lazio didn't wait long to announce their next move: bringing in Gustav Isaksen from Midtjylland. The Swedish winger, born in 2001, is set to join the team.

The negotiations between Lazio and Midtjylland concerning Isaksen ended on a positive note, prompting the two clubs to now initiate the official paperwork regarding the transfer.

This year, Isaksen was a powerhouse. He tallied a whopping 22 goals and nine assists in 45 total games – quite an impressive feat.

Corriere dello Sport reported that Isaksen is due to arrive in Rome tomorrow, August 6th. The next day, he'll get his medical check-up done. Lazio has an operation that will cost them 15 million euros, and the player will be signing a 5-year contract that pays him 1.5 million euros annually.

The coup is done: the team's attack is complete. Now they just need to find one final left-back and an extra midfielder to round out their squad.

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