[Official] Maximiano Has Returned To Spain On Loan To Almeria

For some time, rumors had been circulating about certain news. And now, the only thing that was left was the official announcement, which has finally come. Luis Maximiano, who had only played for Lazio for one season, has decided to return to La Liga. This time, he joined Almeria.

As is well known that in the previous summer's transfer market, Lazio acquired Luis Maximiano from Granada.

Despite initial expectations for him to become the primary goalkeeper during the season, his performance fell short. His poor debut in Serie A resulted in him becoming a backup and spending most of his time on the bench.

According to the press release from biancoceleste, an agreement was reached between Lazio and Almeria. The basis of the agreement was a loan with an obligation to purchase for an estimated cost of around 10 million.

"S.S. Lazio announces that it has temporarily transferred the right to the sports performance of the player Luís Manuel Arantes Maximiano to Unión Deportiva Almería with the obligation to transform it into a definitive transfer".

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