Mandas: "After My Performance In Last Year's Championship, Lazio Took Notice Of Me And Approached. Without Hesitation, I Eagerly Welcomed The Offer As It Was Something I Had Been Longing For."

September 13, 2023

In his first interview with Lazio Style Channel, Christos Mandas, the recently appointed goalkeeper for the Biancoceleste team under the leadership of Coach Sarri, shared his thoughts. The following are his statements:

"After my performance in last year's championship, Lazio took notice of me and approached. Without hesitation, I eagerly welcomed the offer as it was something I had been longing for. Looking back, I believe I played exceptionally well and am grateful for the opportunity that followed."

"As a goalkeeper, I take pride in my ability to anticipate and analyze the flow of the game. Contributing in this way is a source of satisfaction for me, as I believe it instills trust in our team's defenders. My ultimate goal is to assist our team in reaching their objectives, and I am committed to this mission. Ultimately, winning titles and trophies is a testament to our team's value and hard work."

"During my training, I have gained a wealth of knowledge thanks to my incredibly supportive teammates. Their exceptional skills have contributed significantly to my learning experience. I am determined to maintain this positive momentum."

"While it's challenging to choose a favorite teammate, I appreciate all of them equally. I was already following Lazio, and they have a lot of talented players. Provedel, for example, had a strong season. But there are many people here at Lazio who like me. Working with Ivan is an honor for me; I can learn a lot from him; It's a dream come true; I'm fortunate. Even though I've only been here a short time, I already feel like I've matured in some ways."

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