Guendouzi: "In England, I Have Been Given The Nickname 'Bad Boy', And I Can't Understand Why. My Mentality Is Always Focused On Victory, And I Strive To Assist My Teammates In Achieving This Goal."

September 13, 2023

Matteo Guendouzi, who has earned the moniker of 'bad boy', expressed his discontent towards the nickname that was bestowed upon him during his time in England when speaking to the club's official microphones. Instead, he shared the new nickname given to him by his teammates at Lazio.

"In England, I have been given the nickname 'bad boy', and I can't understand why. To be honest, I don't particularly like it, since I pride myself on being a very honest and sincere person. Whenever I am playing on the field, my sole focus is on achieving victory."

"In my efforts to better myself and support my team, I may exhibit exaggerated gestures and movements. Such an intense approach to the game can lead to a range of emotions - from elation when we win, to frustration when we lose or when the referee makes a mistake. My mentality is always focused on victory, and I strive to assist my teammates in achieving this goal."

"I don't have a specific nickname, here They call me Guendo and that's fine."

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