Vecino: "Torino Is A Physically Adept Team, In Past Encounters, They Have Proven To Be A Challenging Adversary For Us."

September 27, 2023

Matias Vecino participated in the customary Biancoceleste match program on the eve of the Lazio - Torino game.

"To overcome obstacles, it is important to thoroughly examine the issues at hand and approach them with a clear and level-headed mindset. Although our start may not have been ideal, we have ample opportunity to rectify the situation without compromising our focus. As a team, we must come together and rediscover our cohesiveness to succeed. I am confident that this will result in significant progress. Communication is key, and we make a point to prioritize it even more when faced with challenges. This is a natural occurrence in any group dynamic."

"We know that Torino is a difficult team for everyone, their strong players and competent coach make them an intimidating force. In past encounters, they have proven to be a challenging adversary for us. To succeed against them, we must maintain a cohesive and solid team dynamic while adapting to the changes in pitch that they will throw our way. Torino is a physically adept team, so we must prepare to win duels and seize loose balls."

"I've played a variety of roles in my career, so every moment is unique. Now I feel more confident in front of the defense, and the coach is aware that I am available to help even as a midfielder, but the most important thing is that Lazio win."

"Winning is the most important thing."  Looking at the stats is always fun: ever since I left Uruguay in 2013, I've fantasized about all of these matchups with all of these major teams.  It was challenging to achieve, but I'm pleased and want to continue in this manner."

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