Sarri Is Keen On Offering Kamada The Chance To Showcase His Skills Against Fiorentina

After fading from the radar and the hierarchies, Daichi Kamada's situation underwent a complete transformation within a month or so. Previously, he had been a steadfast starter, but he was now relegated to the bench as a reserve. However, the Japanese player is now asking for more playing time, and it seems that Sarri is eager to give him a chance to prove himself against Fiorentina or Bologna.

Maurizio Sarri highlights Daichi Kamada's recent lack of playing time. Despite his initial involvement in European matches against Atletico and Celtic, Kamada has not been chosen to start in any league matches since his defeat against Juventus on September 16th. He was left on the bench for matches against Monza and Torino and only played as a substitute for brief moments against Milan, Atalanta, and Sassuolo. In Rotterdam, he was not given any playing time at all.

But now is the time for redemption. The Japanese is desperate for a starting spot and could find one between Monday's play against Fiorentina and Friday's meeting against Bologna. All decisions are postponed until the day before the training session and the conclusion of the pre-Viola. Sarri, on the other hand, intends to refocus on Kamada.

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