Lotito's Assessment: Lazio's Decision On Sarri's Future At The End Of The Year

At the end of this year, Sarri and Lotito will convene to assess their options and determine whether to proceed or terminate the coach's tenure with Lazio. This meeting represents their most recent agreement, a sort of truce that presently governs their relationship. Should either party express reservations about continuing at the close of the season, then we will explore contractual and financial accommodations to resolve the matter.

Sarri's contract expires in 2025 and he earns 4 million per season. Throughout his tenure, he has never requested a pay raise or an extension. It is worth noting that Lotito, the team's President, is not known for hasty or uncalculated dismissals. Both parties share a common goal of propelling Lazio back into the European competition. Lotito is particularly eager to return to the Champions League, as this would be the primary source of revenue needed to plan for future transfer windows. However, there are outstanding redemptions for Guendouzi (2024) and Rovella and Pellegrini (2025) that must be paid in due time. Despite these pressures, Sarri remains steadfast in his disinterest in setting specific goals.

Shortly before the Atalanta match, the two individuals found common ground, thanks in part to the assistance of the sporting director, Fabiani, who successfully reconciled their relationship during a three-way dinner. The change in the coaching staff and the victories against Atalanta and Sassuolo further facilitated this reconciliation. However, the positive atmosphere was disrupted by the defeat against Feyenoord, causing a setback in spirits.

Currently, only positive results can bridge the gaps that emerged during the summer transfer window, which have strained the relationship between Sarri and Lotito. This aspect will be reevaluated in January and at the year's end. For now, the president is closely observing the situation, and the coach must approach the upcoming challenges with the utmost focus. Lazio cannot afford any more mistakes.

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