Isaksen's Lazio Challenge: Navigating Limited Playtime And Tactical Adjustments

November 03, 2023

Upon his arrival at Lazio earlier this season, much to the delight of fans who had previously seen him as a rival, Isaksen discovered that he did not have many opportunities to showcase his skills.

Following a notable performance playing for Mitdtiylland, he joined Lazio filled with eagerness and a desire to take his abilities to the next level. However, despite his enthusiasm, his time on the field has been limited, with only 195 minutes played thus far and playing just once as a starter.  The challenging environment may be a contributing factor to his struggles.

According to a report by Corriere dello Sport, Sarri has emphasized the significance of Felipe Anderson as a winger and considers him to be one of the team's most formidable players. This statement raises doubts about the acquisition of Isaksen, who is recognized for his aptitude in attacking depth but seems to encounter difficulties fitting into Sarri's tactical requirements and movements off the ball.

Isaksen has expressed a desire to participate in more rotations in the future. Unfortunately, the current match schedule does not appear to be in their favor. Sarri noted that new players, such as Isaksen, require time to adjust tactically to his game philosophy, and the Dane may have to wait even longer for further opportunities.

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