The Rating Of Lazio In 2023 (Part 4: The Forwards)

The final segment of Lazio's 2023 report card, conducted by the La Lazio Siamo Noi team, focuses on the evaluation of the forwards selected during that year.

Matteo Cancellieri: His journey has been a tale of transformation, rising from challenges to a literal rebirth. In the initial half of the season, he spent more time on the bench than on the field, displaying limited personality and aggression, often failing to make an impact. His introduction to Lazio proved challenging, featuring 16 games as a substitute and performances that didn't meet expectations. Perhaps influenced by the competition with Immobile, he discovers his niche at Empoli. Under Andreazzoli, he has become indispensable, participating in all matches and contributing with one goal and one assist. The question remains whether he will find redemption with the Tuscans. RATING 5.5

Valentin Castellanos: The priciest acquisition in the summer transfer market, undertook the challenging and nearly impossible task of serving as a backup to Ciro Immobile. Taty arrived in Rome with high aspirations and a fervent determination to succeed, possessing ample character and resolve. However, what he lacked in his first six months in Rome were opportunities, making only five starts and scoring just one goal against Atalanta. Yet, towards the conclusion of 2023, a remarkable turnaround occurred: he scored a goal and provided an assist against Frosinone in less than two minutes, igniting a spectacular performance at the Olimpico. RATING 6.5

Felipe Anderson: He is having a successful year in 2023, showcasing his skill and creativity as he adeptly transitions between the right flank and the center of the attack. Participating in a total of 55 matches throughout the calendar year, he remains consistently present without any significant absences. Impressively, he avoided both bench time and injuries. Nearly reaching double figures, he secured 9 goals and contributed 10 assists. However, the overall rating experiences a slight decline due to a slow start to the season. It's possible that the sluggishness in contract renewal could be a contributing factor. RATING 6.5

Ciro Immobile: His performance in 2023 was not notably outstanding. He faced challenges with injuries, encountered some criticism, and dealt with uncertainties off the field, which were challenging to handle. Despite these obstacles, he consistently rose above, prioritizing the team even if some of his statements were made hastily. Undoubtedly, he remains a symbol of the club's history, and there are still a few chapters left to script for a memorable conclusion. Notably, he marked his 200th goal for the Biancoceleste with a home goal against Feyenoord. RATING 6

Gustav Isaksen: Formerly an opponent of Lazio before joining the team, he is currently making a positive impression under Sarri. The initial hurdles seem to have dissipated, culminating in an excellent performance in the last match of 2023, marking his best since joining the team. He contributed with both goals and assists against Frosinone, building on the impressive form he displayed in the previous months before being hindered by injury. With his evident talent, his impact is expected to be significant and resounding in the future. RATING 7

Pedro Rodríguez: Continues to serve as Maurizio Sarri's additional asset. With numerous injuries to Immobile in 2023, Pedro finds ample playing time and remains a pivotal figure. Given his age of 35, he's expected to encounter some setbacks and physical discomfort, but there's also a rejuvenation for another season as a recognition of his accomplishments. Although he scored fewer goals than in 2022, they proved to be crucial and decisive in securing Lazio's second-place finish in an unstoppable journey. One notable highlight was his header that secured victory on Celtic's pitch, a challenging feat in the Champions League away from home, and contributed significantly to his team's advancement to the round of 16. RATING 6.5

Mattia Zaccagni: He has made significant contributions to Lazio, yet his ambitions extend further. The first half of 2023 was highly productive, yielding five goals and four assists. However, a season start marred by injury slowed his pace, resulting in "only" three goals and one assist. Despite this, Zaccagni continues to progress, and Sarri consistently strives to elevate his performance. Without him, the "classic" trident would not exist. His aspirations for 2024 include becoming a key figure in the Biancoceleste shirt and representing Italy in the European Championship. Zaccagni eagerly awaits Lotito's contract renewal, set to expire in 2025, expressing his willingness to commit for life. RATING 7 

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