Giordano: "Tudor? Despite Having An Entirely Different Approach Than Sarri, He Is A Highly Regarded Coach. Now The Ball Is Only In The Players' Court, And They Must Face Their Responsibilities."

A sense of upheaval permeates Lazio following a series of rapid changes, including the resignation of Mr. Sarri and his staff, and the interim leadership assumed by Martusciello. Various names have been linked to the managerial position, including Tudor, prompting comments from Bruno Giordano during an interview with Radiosei.

Giordano remarked on Tudor's coaching prowess, noting his decisive character and commendable attitude, which diverge from Sarri's philosophy but nonetheless earn him high regard.

"Tudor? He had a few good seasons. A very decisive character, a coach with a positive approach. Despite having an entirely different approach than Sarri, he is a highly regarded coach. Now, the players must appreciate the people of Lazio, who are always present, for better or worse. Responsibility must be split equally among the players, the coach, and the club. The compliments were wasted, just as they were last season."

Regarding Tudor's tenure at Marseille, Giordano pointed out the coach's bold decision-making, such as benching established players like Payet. Tudor's potential appointment signifies a shift in strategy.

"Tudor shown that he is not frightened of anything in Marseille by removing Payet from the game. He is someone who does not gaze at others. It would be an entirely different way of thinking. Sarri may have had valid reasons for giving up all that money, but I would not have jumped ship. Now the ball is only in the players' court, and they must face their responsibilities."

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