Lotito: "Sarri's Farewell Was Not In The Air. An Unexpected Occurrence. He Felt Betrayed By Some Of The People's Actions."

Claudio Lotito makes a notable appearance on Tg1, where he delivers an exclusive interview, generating anticipation with the headline: "Sarri's resignation? He has been betrayed." In this interview conducted by Valentina Bisti, the Biancoceleste president expresses his surprise at Sarri's departure, describing it as unexpected and sudden. He denies any direct involvement in Sarri's dismissal, highlighting a sense of betrayal within certain factions of the club. 

"Sarri's farewell was not in the air. An unexpected occurrence, a bolt from the blue. I was on the Finance Commission when they said, 'But did you sack Sarri?' I told them no. He felt betrayed by some of the people's actions; something was creeping in the group. What if I am talking about the team? I am not referring to anything. A squad that defeats Bayern and then loses to Udinese, and it's not only Udinese... ask yourself a question and provide an answer."

Regarding the search for a new coach, Lotito emphasizes the need for someone who can effectively motivate the team, employing a mix of encouragement and discipline. He dismisses the idea of rushing into decisions, stating that the team will continue under interim coach Martusciello for the time being. Lotito underscores the team's accountability and the necessity for self-assessment, indicating a desire for a coach who can foster responsibility within the squad.

"This team need a coach that employs both 'carrot and stick' strategies. Today, the team is its own judge, with no alibi and no way to delegate its responsibilities to anyone."

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